MBA Report on Car Market and Buying Behavior – A study of Consumer Perception

A car is one of the most significant purchases that an Indian household makes and this project addresses the most important question that perplexes car manufacturers.Indians have emerged as avid car enthusiasts sporting their prized possessions as status symbols and speed machines. Foreign car companies have discovered the Indian consumer as well as the R & D potential in the Indian technical fraternity and are setting up manufacturing plants right and left across the country at lower costs. Continue reading MBA Report on Car Market and Buying Behavior – A study of Consumer Perception

Comparative Analysis of Recruitment & Selection Process Followed by Britannia & Parle

This Report is an attempt to provide a detailed comparative analysis of the recruitment and selection process done by Britannia Industries Ltd. & Parle Biscuits Ltd. In my thesis program I met more than 25 employees. During this thesis program I came to know that, the success or failure of an organization is largely dependent on the caliber of the people working therein. Without positive and creative contributions from people, organizations cannot progress and prosper. Continue reading Comparative Analysis of Recruitment & Selection Process Followed by Britannia & Parle

Inventory Management in Everest Industries Ltd

The purpose of the project was to find out effective means of Inventory management followed this path with focused strategies for improving corporate minimize the cost of inventories,minimize the holding days of inventories, and the maintain the flow of production. The project involved discussing the drivers of superior inventory management performance because it is a barometer for the underlying business behavior. The objective was to better assess the true potential of the company and its ability to achieve sustainable results from this potential. Continue reading Inventory Management in Everest Industries Ltd

Performance Appraisal System at Lilavati Hospital

Lilavati hospital & research centre is very well known hospital in Mumbai & in India also with its excellent research facilities & world famous researchers. This project is titled as performance appraisal system at Lilavati hospital & tries to find out the different aspects of performance appraisal in the hospital. Different officials working in the HRD department have provided very important data in this respect. Formal & informal interviews as well as the research (through questionnaire) are the basic methods of data collection used in this project work. Also secondary data provided by the hospital officials is of immense importance. Every effort has been made to understand the long term plans of hospitals for implementing performance appraisal program. Continue reading Performance Appraisal System at Lilavati Hospital

Cash Management At Standard Polymers

Abstract :-
Cash is the money which a firm can disburse immediately without any restriction. The term cash includes coins, currency and cheques held by the firm, and balances in its bank accounts. Sometimes near-cash items, such as marketable securities or bank times deposits, are also included in cash. The basic characteristic of near-cash assets is that they can readily be converted into cash. Continue reading Cash Management At Standard Polymers

Consumer Behavior on Advertisement

Abstract : The purpose of this unit is to make a start, to describe something about what advertising is and is not, to introduce you to some of its major forms and functions, and to begin to raise some of the issues that make it such an intriguing subject for study.

Often covered by the media without charge. But non personal they are distinguished from forms of personal salesmanship in business establishment or door to door. The advertiser is identified, which again sets this form of persuasive communication apart from various types of promotion and publicity in the form of “News” or Feature” Material feature” often carried by the media, but supplied by a particular source whose intent is often persuasive (e.g. a “consumer information” specialist on a TV talk show who in fact works for an appliance company).