Infrared Universal Remote Control

Abstract :-
A universal remote is a common everyday household appliance. Used to do everything from TV/Video/Cable to ceiling fan control, this project is a extremely versatile product. This is a microcontroller based project with full programming. Hardware of this project consist of IR receiver, IR LED, Microcontroller etc. and have connected an IR receiver/demodulator to an input pin and an IR LED to an output pin. Continue reading Infrared Universal Remote Control

TFT LCD with Resistive Touch Screen

Abstract :-
With the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablet computers, touch has become one of the most common user interfaces encountered today. For our final project design we have converted a number of open-source C++ libraries to C in order to interface with an LCD and touch screen via the Atmel ATmega644 microcontroller. In addition to these new libraries we included three pieces of software: a free drawing mode, a game called Yellow which pays homage to the arcade game Pac-Man© developed by Namco in 1980, and the classic pencil and paper game Tic-Tac-Toe. Each piece of software serves to demonstrate some of the many capabilities of the LCD and touch screen combination. Continue reading TFT LCD with Resistive Touch Screen

ECE Project on Car Alarm System

Abstract :-
The basic control functions for this system include monitoring inputs (such as sensors, push buttons, etc) and controlling output signals (such as sirens, lights, LEDs, etc). These functions are easily implementable in an embedded processor. 4414 Microcontroller is used in this project as it is best suited for security systems Continue reading ECE Project on Car Alarm System

Speed Control of DC Motor using Microcontroller 8051 with Circuit Diagram

The aim of developing this project is to control the speed of DC motor. The main advantage in using a DC motor is that the Speed-Torque relationship can be varied to almost any useful form. To achieve the speed control an electronic technique called Pulse Width Modulation is used which generates High and Low pulses. These pulses vary the speed in the motor. For the generation of these pulses a microcontroller (AT89c51) is used. As a microcontroller is used setting the speed ranges as per the requirement is easy which is done by changing the duty cycles time period in the program. Continue reading Speed Control of DC Motor using Microcontroller 8051 with Circuit Diagram

ECE Project on Autonomous Driving Car

Abstract :- This Autonomous Driving Car project autonomously navigate through a track by detecting lanes and centering itself between them as well as detect objects in front of it and avoid collision. The RC car detects lanes through image input from a low-resolution camera mounted at its front. Using an IR distance sensor, the car determines when to stop accelerating once a certain distance between a forward object has been breached. All computations based on sensor data are handled by an Atmel Mega644 MCU. Continue reading ECE Project on Autonomous Driving Car

Portable Automated Bird Trapping Mechanism

Abstract :-
The current method to capture a bird includes affixing a latch, attached with a fishing line, to the entrance of the nestbox that the birds nest in, waiting from as far a distance from the nest as the fishing line/field of vision of the nest would allow for the birds to land in the nest, and pulling the latch across the nestbox entrance with the fishing line. This is a time-consuming and labor-consuming process that can take up to an hour for the capture of one bird. Continue reading Portable Automated Bird Trapping Mechanism