Automated Beverage Vending Machine

An automated beverage vending machine comprises of a microcontroller which is programmed to instruct the system to serve the beverage. Machine will activate when the user insert a five rupee coin into coin slot. This coin will be detected by an IR-sensor and send a signal to microcontroller. The machine comprises of cylinder controlled by microcontroller. A fixed volume beverage is filled in the main container. The beverage is poured in the glass through tap which opens and closes after fixed time period and only activated when container is filled. Hence, the user gets the beverage demanded by him by fully automated technique. Continue reading Automated Beverage Vending Machine

Microcontroller based Automatic Power Factor Controlling System

The Embedded Technology is now in its prime and the wealth of knowledge available is mind-blowing. Embedded technology plays a major role in integrating the various functions associated with it. This needs to tie up the various sources of the Department in a closed loop system. This proposal greatly reduces the manpower, saves time and operates efficiently without human interference. This project puts forth the first step in achieving the desired target. With the advent in technology, the existing systems are developed to have in built intelligence. Continue reading Microcontroller based Automatic Power Factor Controlling System

Automatic Rain Sensing Wiper Cum Headlight Controller

The world today is moving ahead at a very fast pace. Some of the very common examples of fast moving objects are aeroplanes, high speed cars and many more. In our everyday life we come across many fast moving vehicles and so it is very important to measure the speed of these vehicles. Continue reading Automatic Rain Sensing Wiper Cum Headlight Controller

DC Motor Control through SMS

Abstract :-
GSM (SMS) Controlled DC Motor is automatic control system which capable of receiving a set of command instructions in the form of Short message service and performs the necessary actions like Start , Stop and speed control. We will be using a dedicated modem/mobile at the receiver module i.e. with the robot it self and send the commands using SMS service as per the required actions. Continue reading DC Motor Control through SMS

Cooking Assistant for Automatic Temperature Control

Abstract :-
In some cooking scenarios, it is desirable to achieve a specific object temperature and keep the object at that temperature. However, it is difficult to maintain a constant temperature without constant attention. To aid cooking in this scenario, we created a device that can be added to an electric stovetop or hot plate and serve as an automated assistant. This project contains circuit diagram, controller programming, block diagram and other useful stuff. Continue reading Cooking Assistant for Automatic Temperature Control

Remote Power Control Through LAN

Abstract :-
Power Manager is a remote power management system that can be controlled through a web browser on a local area network (LAN). Devices plugged into Power Manager’s outlets can be turned on or off with the click of a button on a webpage. Power Manager runs on an ATMEGA644 microcontroller and an ENC28J60 Ethernet controller. Together, this embedded system acts as a web server to serve a web page that allows the user to turn on or off the supply of power to the connected devices. The project serves as a fundamental element in a home automation system. Continue reading Remote Power Control Through LAN