Behavior of Shield Support in Longwall Mining


Field observation have been carried out on behaviour of chock guard aid of capacity 800T throughout extraction of longwall panel no. 3D2 at 250 m intensity and 150 m face duration of GDK 10A Incline, Singareni Collieries employer limited. Chock leg pressures and leg closures were often monitored at different stages of extraction of longwall panel. Continue reading Behavior of Shield Support in Longwall Mining

Determination of Gas Content of Coal

Abstract :-
This is B.Tech thesis on “Determination of Gas Content of Coal” for Mining engineering. The build-up of methane in underground coal mines is a safety problem in the India and around the world. Determining the quantity of methane enclosed within a coalbed can be avital step in assessing the potential severity of gas problems in a new mine or in unmined areas of an existing mine. The gas content of a seam can be tested during the exploration stage from core drilled samples. Continue reading Determination of Gas Content of Coal

Designing of Surface Blasts

Abstract :-
A major part of mineral production comes from surface mining and there has been a rapid growth in this sector with the deployment of high capacity equipment .Increased production can be achieved from large capacity surface mines using heavy earth moving machineries. These machineries involve high capital cost, and thus, the mining engineers should plan to achieve the best performance from these machineries. Performance of them, especially the excavating and transporting equipments are largely depending on the blast results, particularly, fragment size, distribution and muck profile. Thus, proper blast design with a computational approach is a vital factor that affects the cost of the entire mining activities. Continue reading Designing of Surface Blasts

Geotechnical Investigation of Coal Mine Refuse for Backfilling in Mines

Abstract :-
oal mining results in the generation of large quantities of waste, which in turn results in non-productive use of the land, air and water pollution, possible failure of waste embankments, and the loss of aesthetic value of the land. It is important to find alternate uses for coal mine refuse and fly ash, the two important byproducts of coal industry, so that their disposal without adverse environmental effects becomes possible. The preliminary findings of the characteristics of the coal mine refuse collected from three different coalfields has been reported here. Continue reading Geotechnical Investigation of Coal Mine Refuse for Backfilling in Mines