Scheme Interpreter using C

This is a very good project by students of Cornell University and the main purpose of this project is to create a Scheme interpreter using C language and Mega32 microprocessor. This project focus on using full microprocessor memory power to make interpreter work fine. The main target of the project is to use the memory of the microprocessor as fully as possible to make the interpreter perform major functions. Also, there will be limitation of the number of loops and memory that the interpreter could face memory shortage. In order to relieve the memory restraint to certain level, both FLASH and EEPROM have to be used. Continue reading Scheme Interpreter using C

Power Quality Improvement using Passive Shunt Filter

Abstract :-
Harmonics and reactive power regulation and guidelines are upcoming issues and increasingly being adopted in distributed power system and industries. Vital use of power electronic appliances has made power management smart, flexible and efficient. But side by side they are leading to power pollution due to injection of current and voltage harmonics. Harmonic pollution creates problems in the integrated power systems. Continue reading Power Quality Improvement using Passive Shunt Filter