MASnet Platform

Transmitter Localization Using Autonomous Robotic Swarms


The purpose of this analysis is to style a symptom of conception system that’s capable of locating a hidden sender and to analyze ways of multi-agent formation management with a selected interest within the effectiveness of those ways on the objective of locating this transmitter.

A system is projected and developed during which autonomous agents work along to find this transmitter and their responsiveness is analyzed whereas victimization formations primarily based each on a activity system and a system derived from center of mass Voronoi tessellations.


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Several code variations to the prevailing MASnet program area unit needed, moreover as some hardware variations, as well as development of a strong simulation platform that will be utilized in conjunction with the MASnet system, and exploration of a distributed formation system.


MASnet Platform


Whereas this work doesn’t accomplish the goal of the MASnet platform — to be able to find and management a diffusion method — it will more understanding of the manner autonomous agents move with their surroundings and develop tools that aid future analysis within the program, moreover as introduce exciting new areas to that the platform may be applied.


Author: Joshua S. Adams, Utah State University

Source: Utah State University

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