Virtual Reality Modeling of a Car Suspension with Active Control Capability

Abstract :-
This thesis presents the evolution of a full car model into virtual reality environment to visually demonstrate the dynamics of a car resulting from various inputs controlled both passively and actively. The model is a seven degree of freedom system that can be configured to be excited by either a bump or harmonic input. Active controls available to the system include the well known Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) as well as a new Nonlinear Energy Absorber (NEA) which utilizes both nonlinear springs and nonlinear damper.

The mathematics of the plant, the kinematics of the system, and the visual specifications of the scene are integrated into a three-dimensional environment where the user can be immersed in the environment and witness in real-time the response of a specific configuration. This project was developed with the mindset that dynamic models of systems can be better understood through visual realization and interaction.

Author:- Smoker, Jason James


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