Wireless Human Health Online Monitor

Abstract :-
This project creates a portable device implementing wireless technology and taking full advantage of the wide-spreading Internet to provide a convenient solution to monitor human health. The health information acquired on the portable side transmits to the server wirelessly and can be accessed all over the Internet in real-time. The end product turned out to be very portable and the wireless connection is responsive and solid. A significant number of possible further implementations can be developed with minor effort based on this project. Eventually, this project provides a low-price, easy-access human health monitor solution bridging the gaps between patients and doctors.
Wireless Human Health Online Monitor

Author:- Xun Yang, Yinglei Wang, Houman Azemati

Source:-Cornell University

6 thoughts on “Wireless Human Health Online Monitor”

  1. sir can i get the full project with schematic and program of controller and project report.
    it will be a great help for me.i hope you will do the needful.

  2. Hi ! I looked many times your project in cornell Uni.final projects pages. I sended u an email to you. I use email address which on your cornell’s final project website. If avaible can u check it and would u give an answer ?

    Best regards..

  3. sir i want to full project with schematic and program of controller and project report with
    source code in PHP/MYSQL or other lang

    thank you

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